Push the limits of the body, make it take multiple shapes almost humanly impossible, make it move fluidly.

Coralie shares the art of contortion by proposing acts that already exist, that could be adapted for your needs, or in an animation form.

Contortion is easy to adapt for every kind of space.

To see what Coralie offers, a demo and videos of available acts can be found at the bottom of the page.

Video by Raphaël Tremblay-Bouchard


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The cube : shape that evokes conformism, rigidity, and stability, a cage. To her eyes, the cube becomes an entity to explore.

Like the rings of Saturn, the contortionist gravitates around the metal structure, tries to understand it, defy it, get lost in it. The cage becomes a home and the body of the artist turns into the key to access this new shelter.

This act is a graduation act from Quebec Circus School

Do you accept this beast?

We are never really alone... Inside each of us, there is a side we try to hide, a side that appears when no one is watching.

Ready or not, this part of us, this beast, will come to life even if our sanity tries to stop it. 

We try to convince ourselves that this is not who we are, that we need to eliminate it, but this urge will only feed this monster.

This time, I let the animal take control...

This act won the second place at the National finale of Cégep en spectacle in 2017.

Breaking in silence

Before, this doll made children smile. Now, she is too old. In the eyes of humans, she became ugly. She can barely stand on her feet. She is broken, abandoned, afraid to be thrown and destroyed somewhere in trashes.

The poor little thing knows this sad fate is waiting for her. She tries to stand up to run away from her destiny, but she just can't.

Her twisting and unstable body will be the last signs of her existence...

This act won  prizes for talent shows such as Secondaire en Spectacle, L'échelle du Talent 0 à 1000 and Prévostars in 2011