Coralie started to be fascinated by circus at the age of 5. Her family adores Cirque du Soleil and shared their interest for this art. Coralie realised early that her flexibility level is higher than most people and started experimenting contortion by herself. Admitted at Quebec circus school when she turned 19, she will obtain her diploma in contortion in 2018. She also decided to take Cyr wheel, handstands and artistic whips lessons. 

Coralie impresses by her long and strong body able to bend insanely. She breaks the conventions of the typical profil associated with contortion. Her goal, explore the multiple possibilities of the disciplines she practices…

No matter how bright or dark it is, art is a way to express what can’t be explained. It is meant to materialize the intangible. Art is a way to take a break from reality.

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Photo: RonVisuals