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Créature close up.jpg

White Rabbit Ennemy

Feels like time is a monster chasing us in a nightmare. What if time was a creature? Should we learn to tame it? Appreciate it? Time... I feel it stretch, shrink, stop, reverse like a contorting body. If time was visible, what would it look like?

The creature has been seen in Calgary during the show Époque by Cirque de la Nuit as well as at l'Auberge du Lac Taureau during a murder and mystery night. KEEP YOUR EYES OPENED!

This project became possible with the help of


With the participation of Adrien Malette-Chenier, Fanny Laneuville-Castonguay (choreography), Geneviève Beauchamps (costume), David Boissé (music), Émilie Proulx et Sacha Bulliard (background props)

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