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Before, this doll made children smile. Now, she is too old. In the eyes of humans, she became ugly. She can barely stand on her feet. She is broken, abandoned, afraid to be thrown and destroyed somewhere in trashes.

The poor little thing knows this sad fate is waiting for her. She tries to stand up to run away from her destiny, but she just can't.

Her twisting and unstable body will be the last signs of her existence...

This act won  prizes for talent shows such as Secondaire en Spectacle, L'échelle du Talent 0 à 1000 and Prévostars in 2011

Artistic direction : Coralie Roberge, Myriam Côté                                    

Photo : Louis Charles Dumais

Video : Cirquantique

Musique : Oceans for Backyards and Kings and Chandeliers by Isles and Glaciers, Volmer Institut by Benjamin Wallfisch                                                      

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