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Artistic direction : Coralie Roberge                                                                                             

Photo: René Obregon-IDA

Music : Teltar Apredun by Pentaphobe, Red Hot Skull by Jun Senoue,  How she sees the world and Eleanor's Lullaby by Gary Schyman

Video: RIASQ

The following performance contains references from different horror classics such as Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde, Evil Dead and the Exorcist.

A legend says there is a woman turning into a monster hungry for flesh, thirsty for blood as soon as she admits her love to someone... This curse makes her sentimental life impossible, or if not, very bloody.
What can she do? Looks like the only solution would be to accept her fate...
Ladies and gentleman, come one come all to witness the transformation of this supernatural being. MEET THE BEAST!

The following act won second place at the Final round of the contest Cégep en spectacle in 2017.

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